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Never Mind The B*llocks – here come The Sex Pistols!!

Currently presenting with most papers as pick of the week on Sky Arts, this Thursday 31st May, and as part of the ‘Urban Myths’ strand is the Comedy Drama, “The Sex Pistols v Bill Grundy” set-decorated by our own special CHEEKY, here’s what she had to say about the project.

“I had such fun working on this programme and I remember watching this infamous interview on the telly when I was eleven years old. I happen to know The Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook, so my Designer (Amanda Bernstein ) and I met him for lunch and he gave us some great inside information on what the Green Room was like, what ciggies they smoked, what they drank, what the nibbles where etc.  Amanda was also an original Punk and had worked at the shop ‘BOY’ and had lots of old photos.“

Keep a close eye out for CHEEKY, she has a cameo in the programme, playing Veronica, a disgruntled member of the public.

The Director was Simon Delaney and the writer was Simon Nye.


Are you ready for Ready Player One!!

Due in the cinema at the end of the month Ready Player One promises to be a rollicking adventure through worlds both bleak and fantastic, and although Steven Spielberg’s film makes big changes to the specifics and structure of Ernest Cline’s best-selling novel it keeps the spirit and level-up thrills intact.  Art Department’s Mark Scruton Supervising Art Director and Assistant Set Decorators David Morison and Sophie Newman make a big contribution to the look of this greatly anticipated film with the art department creating a diverse virtual reality universe.


David Beckham in reverse for Xmas Haig!!

Art Departments Alex Marden recently art directed the new Haig commercial For RSA Films featuring David Beckham working  it backwards with friends on a night out clubbing.  A complicated shoot over several days in various London locations she was ably assisted in dressing the sets by Vicky Hurley and propmen Edd BarkerNick Cosens and Dan Bryant – it looks great!