Baby Art Department


An intensive and highly practical one day course to give you experience, knowledge & insight into what might be expected of you as an Assistant working in the Art Department and how to build on this for a sustainable career.


You will learn key industry specific skills and processes that will give you confidence as an Assistant and you will learn some insider tricks of the trade to make you a great Assistant who will be employed again and again.

The aim is not only to provide an overview but explain the importance of learning practical foundational skills and etiquette which will stand you in good stead for your whole career.

Who for

No qualifications or prior experience is necessary. This course is open to all.


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Lester Hill

Commercials Prop Master

Lester is a very in demand Commercials Prop Master. His unflappable nature,  quick and ingenious problem solving, Mary Poppins-esque van of tools and rigs, and years of experience on hundreds of commercials make him a first port of call when Production Designers are crewing up. Lester often heads up Prop departments which require numerous Assistants so knows exactly what is needed from this role on a busy set.

Joe Withers

 course leader

Joe has over eighteen years of experience in the world of Film and Commercials where he has collaborated with many award winning Directors including Danny Boyle, Kevin McDonald and Edgar Wright. With a diverse range of credits spanning everything from designing music videos for Justin Timberlake and Timbaland to art directing films all around the world. Recent credits include large budget films for Amazon, Apple TV and Netflix.

Alex Marden

course leader

Alex’s background is as a Designer and a Set Decorator. Now heading up an Agency and booking service she sees hundreds of CVs and people trying to get into the industry every month. She knows what makes someone stand out on a job and how they can best showcase themselves going forward as a freelancer.

You will learn:


There will be no need to panic when you hear these words…

Here are some of the things the course will cover:

  • On & Off set : Who is who
  • A typical shoot : The structure and process
  • The story board schedule : How to understand them
  • Guided tour of a prop house: Plus an insight into the all important booking process
  • Selecting key Props: How to present props for approval
  • Wrapping & Carrying: How to lift and protect props and furniture
  • Checking off: Understanding and using prop hire notes correctly
  • The Floor box : Talking through essential kit and tools
  • Make it look old / Make it look new: Cleaning and ageing of props; tips and tricks
  • The Hero Prop : Resets and rigs
  • Work etiquette: How to impress and get ahead
  • CVs : How to get hired
  • Invoicing: How to get paid and keep track of your earnings

** Many of these are practical hands on exercises **

What they say

“A really insightful and inspiring course, packed with all the essential information and guidance you need when starting out in the industry, thank you!!”

“I came away from this course with some really rich and detailed skills and knowledge that I know I can use straight away on set. Very useful and practical!”

“Thank you so much to Alex and the team for organising this Art Department course. It was so useful and enjoyable- definitely would recommend it to anyone already assisting and new to the department”

(What did you learn about yourself and where you might fit in the Art Department? )
“That there is no rush to step up”

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting off in the art department. Meeting other people at my age at a beginners stage has brought about a refreshed state of mind and confidence”

“The course was even better than expected and was definitely good value for money.”

“The course was thorough and we were able to carry out some exercises which was better than just listening to a lecture. Also the questions were answered well and thoroughly.”

“It was a lot better that I expected because I didn’t really know what to expect! It was very good value for money and affordable for the level I am working at the moment.”

“I was expecting to feel a bit nervous, but the whole experience was engaging and encouraging”

“I also really liked the fact that no one was made to feel inferior/silly for not knowing certain things or being as up to speed with terminology or processes as some of the others on the course”

“Packed with encouraging information from leading industry professionals, and a delight to meet others entering into the Art Department world”

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