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Fountain of youth for Sky!!

Sky’s new mobile commercial recently hit our screens – designed by Art Departments Sam Riley  and directed by Outsiders Dom and Nic it employs some pretty slick special effects to make it’s point.

Sam had to say of the experience “The main challenges were the water fountains which needed to be put in to the location and all the frozen extras, were frozen in real time, so man popping a wheelie, woman jumping to catch a frisbee, goal keeper diving to save a goal (there but very small in the background..!) etc, all had to be held comfortably on wooden supports for the duration of the shot.  The other challenge was the early summer heatwave, which had made the grass look more like the Savannah, but although we thought about dying or astroturf, in the end this was restored in post.”

Turned out very nice we think!!