Art Department New Signings

8th November 2023

New Signings

Over the past few months, we are delighted to have met and welcomed some excellent new talent onto our books. Some heralding from the studio movie and HETV sectors, others from the commercial world, and a few with a foot in both!


Lucy Cooper, a Production Designer who has been creating detailed and sumptuous sets for more than ten years. Her distinctive and fun style, described as “hyperreal meets retro kitsch” has her in high demand working across commercials, content, music videos, fashion and stills.

Milly White, the youngest HOD to our books, is a multi-award-winning Production Designer who has built up an impressive repertoire of work, whilst simultaneously honing her craft in major motion pictures, most recently working as Assistant Art Director on Joe Kosinski’s untitled Formula One project.

Liz Ainley, a remarkable Set Decorator with over twenty-five years’ experience in both Film and Television, has worked on a range of notable period films, one most recent project being Ridley Scott’s much anticipated Napoleon.

Clem Cartwright’s background in art history and interior design along with an interest in storytelling and “a fascination with the way we stage objects in the home” led her into the world of set decorating where she has quickly built up many shows to her name. Recent TV series include Bafta award winning Bad Sisters, Amazon’s Fifteen Love and soon to be released horror feature Lord of Misrule for Riverstone Pictures.


In addition to our HODs we’ve welcomed a varied roster of talent to our diary service.

By popular demand we have added a construction category and are delighted to welcome Mark Griffiths Creative LTD and PLUMRED LTD. From the Props department, we’re thrilled to have sought after commercials Prop Master Merl Homer, Film & Drama Property Master Timothy Wilkinson, and up and coming Prop Person George Gunn. And finally, we have added the talented concept artist Lina Motsiou, to our Draughting, 3D and Graphic Design category.

Baby Art Department 

Last but not least, we have promoted four graduates from our Baby Art Department course and roster to our diary service. Please welcome Satdeep Grewal, Shakeelah Archibald, Brydie Teggart, and Mimi Beckwith!