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Epic journey – we’ve all been there…

Ahh… the cupboard under the stairs – convenient dumping ground for everything from gym equipment to Harry Potter. This fun E.on commercial designed by John Beard depicts what happens when we let said cupboard get the upper hand.

This chap is forced to navigate a lifetime’s worth of abandoned clothes, sports equipment, and even a lava pool in search of the electricity meter. Good thing E.on have some smart solutions up their sleeve.

The endless cupboard is nicely staged by director Brad Lubin. The absurdity builds as the pair venture further – dodging killer vacuum cleaners and gym balls like a domestic Indiana Jones.

We love it!!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…nominations pour in…

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this wonderful film as nominations and accolade flood in for the amazing work carried out by the art department amongst whom were our very own Sophie NewmanLucy Howe and David Morison - well done!


The Tale of Thomas Burberry – beautiful….

The new ad for Burberry which has just launched through Black Label was designed by Art Department’s John Beard with big input from all our lovely propmen Edd BarkerAaron BatterhamDan BryantSimon Clifft and Nick Cosens duly assisted by Felix Beard and Set Decorator Rebecca Alleway who has recently joined us.

The new ad is released for Christmas, though apart from some snowy scenes there is nothing overtly Christmassy about it. Instead it appears like a trailer for a full-length movie on the life of Thomas Burberry, and with director Asif Kapadia (of Senna and Amy fame) at the helm and Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies) as screenwriter, it is a glitzy affair. Amongst the drama, starring Sienna Miller, Somhnall Gleeson, Dominic West and Lily James there are fascinating factual elements. Burberry invented the weatherproof fabric gabardine, for example, which was used for dressing the military as well as pilots and polar explorers including Sir Ernest Shackleton and this innovation provides the meat of the story.

It all adds up to what looks like a pretty stylish period drama, even though it’s actually only a three-minute-long ad…check it out  and then check it out again!