Art Department

Lucy Cooper CV

Lucy Cooper PRODUCTION DESIGNER Profile Print Lucy’s 10 years of creating detailed and sump [...]

Lucy Cooper

Lucy Cooper PRODUCTION DESIGNER Lucy’s 10 years of creating detailed and sumptuous sets have be [...]

Liz Ainley CV

Liz Ainley SET DECORATOR Profile Print Liz Ainley has over twenty five years’ experience in b [...]

Margot Cullen CV

Margot Cullen SET DECORATOR & PRODUCTION DESIGNER Profile Print Margot Cullen's credits s [...]

Margot Cullen

Margot Cullen PRODUCTION DESIGNER & SET DECORATOR Margot Cullen's credits span both Produc [...]

Nicki Gardiner CV

Nicki Gardiner PRODUCTION DESIGNER Profile Print Nicki Gardiner graduated from the Australi [...]

Nicki Gardiner

Nicki Gardiner PRODUCTION DESIGNER Nicki Gardiner is a Production Designer and Set Decorator who [...]