Roadkill killing it!!



BBC’s gripping tale of skulduggery in Downing Street – who would have thought such characters could be in charge of the country!!  Hugh Laurie shines as a master of deceit defending his public persona while on the rise to the chief ministerial position.  Designed by Nick Palmer ably supported by Art Departments Steph Odu as Art Director she shared some of her experiences with us whilst working on this thriller -:

We filmed in and around London with a few set builds. The job actually went from being largely locations to including quite a few set builds. We had a great small team that brought it all together in tight turnaround times.

Our biggest set was a prison interior built at a site in Dagenham – the site is soon to be a new film studio! I oversaw the install at this site. I was also responsible for handling the art budget for this four-part series. We manufactured a lot of our own detailed items, and we probably know more than we would care to know about the interiors of prisons and the prison industrial complex itself (the series looks very closely at the privatisation of prisons and why this is an incentive for keeping them full!) – it spurred many art dept convos. We had bespoke prison cell door locks made and managed to recycle some of the more robust parts of the set. So if you now hire any new prison doors or blue prison bars/gates from stockyard they will have likely come from our set!

The car crash at the end of episode two was also overseen by me. This is a combination of an expertly designed rig courtesy of Toby at Artem and VFX courtesy of Gary at Technicolor.