New Lotto tears at the heart strings!!



The new Lotto commercial appearing on our screens is a tear-jerker to be sure – designed by Art Departments Niamh Coulter with help from Propmaster Aaron Batterham and shot in a variety of locations in Scotland and on boats in the North Atlantic it tells the story of a lottery win that changes the lives of a young family. Directed by Smugglers Mark Molloy Niamh has this say about her experience “The challenge primarily was of being over an hour north of Aberdeen in fairly remote areas without easy access to, well anything really!  We were spread across the towns of Fraserburgh and McDuff, about 30 miles apart with the crew scattered and billeted all over the place. The shooting crew were on spilt days, the dressing crew on straight days so inevitably I was on both and shuttling between crews all day to keep pots on the boil.  Lovely Glasgow/London crew and absolutely delightful director and production made it all bearable but it was a slog.  Worth it though, I think we made something rather nice. The wrap party was held in the location House, with a folk band and bagpipe players and.. well, let’s just say it was quite the party!!”