John Bramble Production Designer had a lot of purple fun with the new spot for Ocado..



Directed by Dom&Nic at Outsider, produced by longtime pro, John Madsen.
The biggest logistical issues on this job where all boat related!! Getting a fishing trawler that was moored up in IOW be purple clad, and then end up travelling down a small back to back London street peppered with overhead phone lines..also tricky..the resetting of a super cool 1970s skidoo with bench freezer in tow, in another narrow snowed up street in Camden.
Fellow Art Departments Fabrice Spelta art directing and propmen Simon Clifft and Louis Glickman all pulled together 🙂 ha ha..boom boom..on this jaunty escapade .
Shot over 3 days in London and Bucks..during lockdown..set decorated by Derek Scriminger and the rest of the crew were in for a treat for a few days..with this foodie number.