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Jackie Yau finishes working on Cinderella…

Jackie Yau spent most of last year working on a Disney production of ‘Cinderella’ directed by Kenneth Branagh as Assistant Set Decorator to Francesca Lo Schiavo. It was the feature film version of the cartoon so the emphasis was on the romance and magic portrayed in the cartoon rather than some of the darker interpretations of fairy tales we have seen recently. I asked her to give me some inside on what it was like to work on such a classic tale with a new twist – she had this to say “One of the most complicated parts of the film was the scale since we filled the 007 stage at Pinewood with our ballroom and had to make it feel like Versailles or the Hermitage, not necessarily the easiest references to follow in budget and on time. We sourced from collectors and hire companies across Europe to find the the quantity and look of the film. In addition to working with the acclaimed designer; Dante Ferretti, we worked with very talented drapes, props, model makers, painters, agers, florists and greensmen to get the finished product. Having seen a rough cut of the film I believe it was worth the hard work and hopefully it inspires the children that it is aimed at, to believe in magic and the power of imagination”.

And then she went on a well earned holiday – sounds great – we will look forward to seeing it!


AIDS ALLIANCE Campaign for Toast TV

Nick Ellis has just designed a great commercial for Toast TV – directed by Greg Masurak.  Nick was assisted by Cassandra Virdee from Baby Art Department and together they were creating vignette type sets for people to … well, basically have sex in!!  Nick is a Designer of feature films and commercials and has worked for numerous different directors over the years.  He designs Gurinder Chadha films, the most famous being”Bend It Like Beckham” which launched Keira Knightleys career.

You can see more of Nicks work at the link below:-