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Tom Cruise director praises UK film crews

Set Decorator Amanda Bernstein working with Julie Signy and Supervising Art Director Gary Tomkins had the enormous task of pulling together the sets, and all the props for additional photography for Tom Cruise’s new film Edge of Tomorrow directed by Doug Liman.  As the extra filming had not been expected it was a huge job for a small art department to pull everything back together again from scratch.  A great job well done and worthy of the praise in this article



BECTU Meeting this evening that I have everyone’s attention Art Department Noticeboard have recently posted on FB details of an incident that happened whilst making  a low-budget film drawing attention to the danger placed on crew on these low-end productions. This evening BECTU is hosting a debate and is inviting filmmakers and members to join in to discuss the important issues of health and safety on low budget film productions along with the pressing issue of late payments for crew.


If you would like to join BECTU members and film professionals in a relaxed setting come for a drink at the Dover Castle Pub in London tomorrow. Details are below and it’s open to all comers.

Dover Castle Pub
43, Weymouth Mews London

8pm onwards


Jason Knox-Johnston and Tina Jones reunited…

Jason Knox-Johnston Supervising Art Director and Tina Jones Set Decorator are back from Budapest where they spent the best part of last year working on the forthcoming feature Hercules – The Thracian Wars.  The film was directed by Brett Ratner and stars Dwayne Johnson and John Hurt.  Jason and Tina, who recently won an Emmy for her work on Game Of Thrones got the chance to work together again on a slightly smaller scale production in the form of a Nespresso commercial starring Penelope Cruz.  I am told by our lovely propmen Aaron and Simon that Ms Cruz was as charming as she is beautiful when they were introduced to her on set!!

Working with French Production Designer Katia Wyszkop they re-created a high spec contemporary New York apartment at Shepperton Studios.  The job which was out of Biscuit Filmworks and was directed by James Gray.