Ben Smith takes us to the movies with McDonalds new idents…



Designer Ben Smith working with directing duo Samuel & Gunnar at Tantrum has designed eight ‘genre’ ident films for McDonalds. Inspired by Horror, Space, Fantasy, Western, Kung Fu, 80s Rom Com, Period Drama and Action genres, these idents are part of their ITV2 movie night sponsorship all shot in studios and on location in Sofia.

Ben tells us “To deliver eight different sets convenient for the logistics of our shoot we chose NU Boyana Film Studios in Sofia. I built the space ship airlock and fantasy cave as new sets and adapted the existing Western, New Hampshire and Asian back lot sets to become our Saloon, 80s American house and Kung Fu dojo. The challenge was to feature the classic elements of each genre in the designs and to source specific key props to make each genre instantly recognisable. We had a lot of fun researching and collaborating on the set details and I had a great local team to support me.”