AUDI’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” directed by Johnny Hardstaff in Kiev – nice…



Alex Marden was working with director Johnny Hardstaff through Independent earlier this year on the new stunning AUDI commercial – synchronised swimming cars!!  Currently getting a lot of coverage in the industry press, here’s what Al had to say about creating the set -:

“This job was all in the preparation, because once the water was in there would be no turning back! Lots of tests were made for what the surface of the pool should be: It had to have the appearance of tiles, hold up to a lot of wear and tear under the water, but also ensure that the cars had enough grip to do doughnuts, hand brake turns and other tricks. There was a lot of communication with the precision drivers to make sure they were happy. That was before we worked out how to make sure it didn’t leak! The whole build was a military operation and the construction team were incredible. After wrap the whole set was struck overnight!”