Audi comes fast and clean with Tom Hardy at the wheel!



The new spot for Audi..Its first fully electric sports car – the Audi e-tron GT WOW! It really is super fast!
The commercial was filmed over 2 stages at Black Island Studios, during lockdown and was directed by Sebastian Grousset of Marken Films (Hamburg) and facilitated here in the UK by Zap Productions with Mark Parsons producing.
The art department team was headed up by John Bramble Production Designer, with Grant Bailey art directing and set decoration by Derek Scriminger.
Art Department’s Propmasters Aaron Batterham and Simon Clifft were on sand wrangling duties.
The biggest challenge of the job was getting the clients to agree on a colour for the desert ..should have been straight forward enough..but this went on for more than a week, deciding between Dubai red sand and golden sand..the final answer only being made a couple of days before the shoot was golden sand – (we ditched the order for Dubai red sand placed 2 days earlier..)!
The scenery and car on the stages were merged seamlessly with those created in CGI- using the Unreal Engine 3D software platform -(originally developed for gaming).
TH looks quizzically cool in this ad..for a politically correct muscle car of the future.. now!