Jane Dundas

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Production Companies worked for include:
Derek Productions, Art Forger UK Ltd, Sky, Blue Light Ltd., Bill Kenwright Productions, Partizan, Blink, Paul Weiland Film Company, Annex Films, Production International, Patricia Murphy Films, Academy, ASD Limited, Tiger Aspect, BBC Creative Services, The Comic Strip, Red Bee Media, Mad Cow Films, Tomboy Films, 4D Pictures, Discovery Channel, Solar Productions.

Commercial as Stylist worked on include:
Revolution, Bolon, House 99/David Beckham, Perrier, British Gas, WH Smith, Domestos, The Post Office, Asda, Nestle, Vicks Vaporub, Black & Decker, Ikea, Head & Shoulders, Sainsburys, Lemsip, Heineken, Dewars Whiskey, Shredded Wheat, Lemsip, Persil, Pampers, Alfa Romeao, Argos, McDonalds, Birds Eye, Levis, Nescafe, Quaker Oats, Sky Sport Digital, Sharwoods, BT, Andrex, Nivea, Boots, Fairy Liquid, Cif, Lego, Weetabix, Olay, Dulux, Nissan, COI, Pizza, Hut, Fisher Price, Tetley Teabags, Morrisons, Oral B, Churchill Insurance, Homebase, VW.



Directors worked for include:
Ricky Gervaise, Dan Friedkin, Yoel Dahan, Paul Hyett, Tom Hooper, Ian Giles, JohnClarke, Simon Delaney, Jonathan Greenhalgh, Peter Cattaneo, Pete Salmi, Andy Lambert, Tim Pope, Harald Zwart, Rob Kelly, Rocky, Morton, Howard Guard, Mehdi, Chris Bartle, Peter Truckell, Michell Gondry, Armando Iannucci, Patricia Murphy, Andy Margetson, Graham Collis.

Art Directors worked for include:
Richard Drew, Arthur Max, Gillian O’Brien, Tony Noble, Marc Homes, Tim Dann, Bruce Hill.

Film and TV productions worked on as Set Decorator and Production Buyer include:
Afterlife, Lyrebird, This Time With Alan Partridge/ Baby Cow Productions – directed by Neil & Rob Gibbons, Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Episode 3 – Crazy Diamond – directed by Marc Munden designed by Lisa Marie Hall, Peripheral for Bill Kenwright Ltd – directed by Paul Hyett, Purple Plain for 4D Productions directed by Kim Albright, Queens Birthday Celebrations for Discovery Channel directed by Oliver McFarlane, Mid-Life Crisis for Solar Productions directed by Mark Murphy, House 99 for David Beckham – designer Gillian O’Brien, The Revenger- Director Mark Murphy