Carolyn Boult

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Commercials and Promos include: 
DFS, Budweiser, KFC, McCoy’s, Regaine, Yellow Pages, Capital Radio “Johnny Vaughan”, Olay, Nescafe “Love The Morning”, Aussie, Smirnoff Ice, Kohler and Duran Duran “Sunrise”, Royal Mail “Letterboxes”, Various Tesco’s, The Army ‘Peacemaker’ “Rescue Mission”, “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter”, Ozzy Osborne

Production Designers and Art Directors worked for include: 
Chris Oddy, Marcus Rowland, John Ebden, Morgan Kennedy, Mark Lavis, Gavin Bocquet, Nick Ellis and Amanda Bernstein

Production Companies worked for include: 
Hungryman, 2am, Rose Hackney Barber, Quiet Storm and Therapy, Joy @ RSA, Partizan, The Paul Weiland Film Co, Kleinman

Work as Art Director includes:
Kristain Leontiou “STORY OF MY LIFE”, The Bees “WASH IT AWAY”, DFS, Smirnoff Ice, Cadbury’s ‘HEARTBEAT SLIPPERS”

Directors worked for: 
Katie Bell, Graham Rose, Colin Gregg, Ruben Flieischer, Patrik Bergh, Matteus Hoene, The Polish Brothers, Mikko, Karen Lamond, Mehdi Norowzian, Susie Roberson, Daniel Kleinman, Paul Goldman, Jim Hosking