Edd Barker

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Commercials worked on include:

ALDI, Marie Curie, Paddy Power, Energy Australis, NIKE, Unilever, Microsift, Nokia, Ribena, Jackpot Joy, TESCO, Maltesers, Sainsburys, Amazon, SKY, No On The Highstreet, JD Williams, Betfred, Heart of House, H&M, Morrisons, SUN Newspaper, Burberry, Ford, Dove, Vogue Paris, McDonalds, Compare The Meerkat, KFC, Weetabix

Production Designers/Stylists worked for include:

Steve Smethwick, Kevin Phipps, Ed Butcher, Agnieska Debska, Vicky Hurley Chris Oddy, Andrew McAlpine, Robyn Paiba, Joel Collins, Beverley Butcher, Helen Downes, Judy Farr, Kem White, Tom & Stef Claudia Lyster, Lucy Howe, Tess Bartlett, Emma Roach, Andy Hillman, Sam Tidman


Production Companies worked for include:

Steam Media, Park Pictures, Outsider, Working Title, Smith & Jones, Smuggler, Archers Mark, Great Guns, Hungryman, Park Village, Pretty Bird, Rattling Stick, Biscuit Filmworks, Blink, B-Reel, Sweetshop, 10-4, Art Partner, Salt Films, SonnyLondon, Pointblank, Paul Weilands, Painting Practice, Design Set, RSA, Epoch, Stink, Pulse, Addiction, And Productions, Nice and Polite, Magnet