Ed Kellow

Commercials worked on include:

HSBC, McDonald’s, Virgin trains, Direct Line, Vodafone, Quaker, Dove, Honda, Co-Op, The Sun, Philadelphia, Lemsip, Paddy Power, BT, Sainsburys, Anchor, KFC, Banardoes, Oasis, Liberty, Tesco, Esurance, ESPN, Samsung, Visa, Strongbow, Asda, Belvita, CIF, Goodfellows Pizza, McCain, Aldi, Co-op, Carte Dor, NOTH, Microsoft, Knorr, Commerzbank, Pizza Hut, Cottonelle, H & M

Designers and Stylists worked for include:

Ashling Johnson, Bruce Hill, Laura Johnston, Julia Sherborne, Sara Wan, Nick Foley Oates, Brian Morris, Chris Lightburn Jones, Robin Brown, Penny Crawford, Becky Harvey, Vicky Hurley, Debbie Moles, Kave Quinn

Production Companies worked for include:

Academy, Gorgeous, Knucklehead, Little Fish, Blink, Biscuit, Thomas Thomas, The Mill, 2am, Stink, Nice Shirt, Moxie, Outsider, Rattling Stick, Evidently, Unit 9, Another Film Company, Steam Motion and Sound, Independent Films, Pulse, Mustard, Fresh Films, Ric and Jo, Sweet Shop, Partizan, The Outfit

Directors worked for include:

Danny Boyle, Gus Felgate, Vince Squib, Jeff labbe, Kevin Thomas, Jason Lowe, Johnny Campbell, Liz Murphy, Armando Iannucci, Steve Cope, Will Heap, Dom Masters,