Production Companies worked on include:
Rogue, BSkyB, Smuggler, Believemedia, Independent, Knucklehead, HSI, Blink, Another Film Company, Outsider, Academy, Pulse Films, Thomas Thomas, Moxie, Great Guns

Commercials worked on include:
Monarch Airlines, Rainforest Rescue, E-surance, Dentyl Active, Co-Op, Birdseye, Morrisons, RSPB, Peroni, Doritos, Batchelors, Bakers Dog Food, Tescos, Sky Bet, Talk Talk, Mercedes, Marks & Spencer, Subway, Dove, McDonald’s, Leerdammer, Snuggles, AXA Insurance, Cancer Research, EDF Energy, The Sun

Directors worked for include:
Jackie Oudney, Tara Couchie, Mark Paul, Guard Brothers, David Hartley, Henry Masson, Neil Harris, Finn McGough, Charlie Crane, Olly Williams, Thomas Mankovsky, Liam O’Connor, Daniel Wolfe, Jan Weltz, Chris Balmond, Chris Barrett, Luke Taylor, Dom & Nic, Helen Downing, Jonathan Herman, Kevin Thomas, Keith McCarthy, Neil Harris, Peter Truckle, Samuel Abrahams, Yann Damage


Designers worked for include:
Chris Oddy, Gregg Shoulder, Kate Beckly, Ashling Johnson, Tom Gander, Mark Ross, Kate Wicks, Sam Tidman, Mark Connell, Olly Williams, Kamlan Man, Tom Wales, Rosy Thomas, Sam Barbic, James Hatt, Hannah White

Short Films worked on include:
TERMINUS, for Thomas Thomas directed by Kevin Thomas and designed by Ashling Johnson, The Fly for HSI directed and designed by Olly Williams

Feature films worked on include:
Institute Benjamenta directed by the Brothers Quay, August directed by Anthony Hopkins, Secrets and Lies directed by Mike Leigh