Louis Glickman

Production Companies worked for include:
Park Village, Little Bird, Pulse, Smuggler, Biscuit Dreamworks, MJZ, Sweetshop, Academy, Fresh Films, Outsider, Knucklehead, HSI, Redbeemedia

Production Designers and Stylists worked for include:
John Beard, Nathan Parker, Alison Dominitz, Anna Rhodes, Drogo Michie, Sam Tidman, Katie McGregor, James Merifeild, Charles Wood, Kave Quinn, Maria Djurkovic, Nathan Crowley, Stuart Craig, Martin Laing, Caroline Greville-Morris, Simon Bowles, Dominic Watkins, Andrew McAlpine, Stephen Fineren, Mark Thompson, Val Strazovec, Roger Ford

Commercials worked on:
Sainsbury’s, Maximuscle, KFC, Google, Rexona, Delta, Google, Domino’s Pizza, Boots, Waitrose, BBC1, Nokia, Nintendo, Harvey’s, H & M, Comet, Carling, Strictly Come Dancing, CBeebies, Eastenders, Carlsberg

Films and Television worked on as a Standby and Dressing Prop include:
Effie, Clash Of The Titans 1 & 2, The Lady, The Woman In Black, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy, John Carter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Wild Target, Dorian Gray, The Descent 2, Green Zone, The Beach, In His Life, Joseph, Muppet Treasure Island, Babe, Never Ending Story 3, Muppet Christmas Carol, Black Mirror, The Crimson Petal and the White, Material Girl, U B Dead, The Kevin Bishop Show, Night and Day, Crossfire, Tomorrow’s World

Directors worked for include:
Misha Manson Smith, Matt Losasso, Rick Cantor, Siri Bunford, Calle Astrand, Eliot Chaffer, Andrea Kapos, Michael Moloney, Pete & Lou, Paul Kenwood, Rankin & Chris, Elliot Hegarty, Jason Edwards, Bill Scarlet, Chris Watson, Marek Losey, Richard Laxton, Jonathan Liebesman, Luc Besson, James Watkins, Tomas Alfredson, Andrew Stanton, David Yates, Louis Leterrier, Jonathan Lynn, Oliver Parker, Jon Harris, Paul Greengrass, Danny Boyle, David Carson, David Mallett, Brian Henson, Chris Noonan, Peter McDonald, Brian Henson