Aaron Contreras

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Production Companies worked for include:

Laura Holmes Productions, Rogue Films, Noise Films, RSA, Biscuit, Moxie Pictures, Smuggler, Anonymous Content,Th1ng, MJZ, Smith and Jones, OPositive, BOB Industries, Community, Farm League, Harvest, Pretty Bird, Radical Media, Knickerbocker Glory, Radiant Films, Independent media,  Trio Films, Weiland Films, Uber Content, Concrete Images, Pytka, Wondrous, Rabbit, Tool, Green Dot, Park Pictures, Hungryman Films, Believe Media, Chelsea Films, Epoch Films, Artist Co., Partizan, Traktor, Great Guns, Furlined

Production Designers worked for include:

Dan Betteridge, Sarah Greenwood, Deborah Riley, Mark Scruton, Max Gottlieb, Paul Inglis, Dominic Watkins, Kells Jesse, Chris Dileo, Bo Welch, Neil Spisak, Dennis Gassner, Rob Pearson, Bill Coggon, Bruce McCloskey, Robbie Freed, Tom Wilkins, Bradley Thordarson, Samantha Gore, Ken Avril, Noel McCarthy, Brock Houghton,

Directors worked for include:

Alejandro Iñárritu, Rick Gledhill, Noam Murro, Matther Vaughn, Clay Williams, Craig Gillespie, Dave Meyers, Gia Coppola, Benji Weinstein, Martin de Thurah, Jim Jenkins

Products and clients worked for include:
M&S, H&M, JC Penny, Snickers, UPS, Icebreakers, Denny’s, Ford, KFC, Lowe’s, Spectrum, Dominos, Allstate, Maytag, Audi, Moen, McDonalds, Apple, Samsung, Kirin Beer, XX Beer, Mitsubishi, Taco Bell, Mercedes, Apple