Production Designers and Art Directors

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Feature films as Production Designer:
The Bounce Back, Lost In Austin, Julia-X (3D), Locked-In, Awaydays, Chemical Wedding, Dead Babies

Feature Films as Art Director:
Paranoia, A Clandestine Marriage, Waking Ned, Saving Private Ryan, The James Gang, The Fifth Province

Television as Designer includes:
Anna and Katy, Waking the Dead Series 5

Directors worked for include:
Acne, Brian Lee Hughes, Filip Engstrom, Rupert Sanders, Mark Denton, David Turnley, Stephen Pearson, Jun Diaz, Jason Fisher-Jones, Mike Newell, Simon West, John Duigan, Nick Egan, Steve Hudson, Jorn Threlfall, James Rouse, David Lodge, Mark Gilbert, Tomas Skoking, Gerald McMorrow, Harvey B Brown, Chris Mudge, Mehdi Norwzian, David Garfath, Mike Stephenson, Theo Delaney, Max and Dania, Don Cameron, Jake Nava, Doug Avery, Ken Fox, Joe Public, Doug Nichol, Nick Brandt, Rafael Fernandez, Richard Farmer, Toby Tremlett, Rubin Fleischer, Stefan Sedounui, Armando Iannucci, James Haworth, Henrik Sundgren

Commercials include:
American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Asics, More Than,Volvo, Nutrigrain, Adidas, Nat West, Barclays, BT, Levi’s, Pilsner, AMF (Sweden), Tele 2, State Farm, Debenhams, The Sims, Kelloggs Chocco’s, Moet et Chandon, Woolworth’s, Fruit of the Loom, Weetabix, Specsavers, Impulse, UTH, Microtech, Vivident, Viviscal, Geico, Activision, Nintendo, Clorex, Mc Donald’s, Solarworld, Leap frog, VH1, Miller light, Comcast, Gillette, Tampax, BBC2 idents, End credit design for Harry Potter (Ink), E-bay, Nationwide, Dixon’s, Mars delight, Dodge Chevy, Expedia, Aerial, Inside Out


Music videos include:
Duran Duran, Voice of the Beehive (Best Production Design), Ozzy Osbourne, Pulp (Best Production Design), Tricky, Ms Dynamite, Mike & the Mechanics, Simply Red, Terence Trent Derby, The Kills, many more…

Production Companies worked for include:
Smuggler, Outsider, RSA, Hungry Man, Radical media, Hotspur & Argyle, Joy, Paul Weiland, Partizan, Stink, Acne, Harry Nash, Furlined, Another film company, HLA, Moon, Camp David, Greendot, Method, Limelight, Therapy, Paydirt, Alchemy, Skunk, Red Bee, Crossroads, Thomas Thomas, …

Locations worked in include:
South Africa, Swaziland, Sweden, France, Spain, Majorca, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Dallas, Florida, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Mozambique